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AML 34

Transaction monitoring

Optimize the existing anti-money laundering processes through the use of Artificial Intelligence, whilst reducing the number of false positives and minimizing risk of false negatives.


Easy configuration

Easy configuration: leverage existing statistical and industry patterns already set-up in our platform and easily adapt them your business model and risk profile.

Easy integration

False positive reduction

Regulatory Compliant

Utilize a flexible and clean REST API to send data in real time or batch from your transactional and customer data systems. 

False positive reduction: through the use of advanced anomaly detection algorithms designed to uncover new money laundering patterns, we minimize unnecessary alerts so your team can focus time on analyzing risk and taking decisions.

Natively built to comply with all European AML and CFT requirements, so you avoid the risk of fines from regulators.

How it works

Monitoring scenario configuration

Monitoring scenario configuration: set-up automated rules and patterns to allow our AI engine to categorize and score suspicious transactions according to their probability of being a real money laundering attempt.

Machine Learning model calibration

Include all relevant data on transaction and customer level (profile  information, relationships between accounts, metadata - screening results from external sources, digital data - IP address, device etc.).

Data Integration

Modern API allows quick integration of our monitoring platform to various internal sources, like transactional systems, behavior data (e.g. website activity) or profile data (e.g. customer data from your CRM).

Automatic Data Analysis

Identify suspicious behavior in real-time based on custom scenario rules. Built-in intuitive dashboards to facilitate alert management and decision-making process.