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We provide Compliance for global ICOs and STOs.

ICOs/STOs are not only a technical challenge. We provide the full process, from the KYC to legal documents and token issuance platform.


ICO/STO issuers

ICO/STO issuance

Expert step-by-step guidance to issuing an ICO/STO


Instant compliance to global and regional regulatory requirements


Customizable smart contracts for token issuance


Unique platform for executing and tracking investments in your ICO/STO and KPIs

ICO/STO investors

Enhanced security

Stop redundancies

Easy access to market


Secure and portable KYC 

Single ID allowing you to invest in multiple ICOs

Easy access to secondary market players through our configurable API

Real-time dashboards to track your investments

How it works

Investor KYC profile

Build-in country-by-country regulatory requirements to automatically determine required identity checks and calculate investor profiles (accredited or not). A hash of investor profile is stored on the blockchain for audit trail sharing

Document & Process management 

Our experts will assist you with legal, marketing and business documents issuance (whitepaper, token business terms, marketing strategy etc.)

Trade management

Execute and track all investments in a single platform. Comprehensive dashboards and real-time analytics allowing you to monitor your ICO progress and make decisions to improve your KPIs. After the offering, both issuers and investors can easily access to secondary market providers through our configurable API.

Token issuance

Through customizable smart contracts, our platform allows ICO/STO issuers to set-up the token characteristics that match their unique business model.

I am an issuer - Do you want to issue compliant ICOs/STOs ?

I am an investor - Do you want to invest in compliant ICOs/STOs ?

CRT 34

CRT 34

Compliant ICOs/STOs

Ensure compliance for your ICOs and STOs  with our complete solution. From KYC to token issuance platform, we take care of everything.