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iKYC 34

Solution for Life Insurance Companies in Luxembourg

Life Insurance Companies need to comply with Circular 18/9

by 1st of September 2019 for new Contracts.

Meet the Deadline. Avoid Fines.


Easy to Implement

Easy to Use


100% Complaint

Our solution is designed to be quickly functional and can be customized to better serve your specific needs.

Our visual and user-friendly interface directs you through all the necessary steps so that you can stay in control of the onboarding and KYC processes.

Flexible package price depending on the number and type of licenses needed.

Our solution insures continued regulatory compliance so that you can focus on your client relationship.

How it works

Client Onboarding and KYC

Expedite customer on-boarding procedure by easily acquiring information during the sales process with smart forms (build-in AML quantitative questionnaire). The full client lifecycle - on-boarding, KYC and periodic reviews are streamlined through an automated process.


Flexible API allowing easy integration to internal or external systems (Screening Providers, Sales CRM), eliminating duplicate requests for client data and disconnections between Sales and Compliance.

AML Risk Scoring

Automatic calculation of risk scoring based on pre-determined risk factors for new clients and for existing clients (“model point” methodology or full questionnaire review).

Flexible Reporting Format

Whether it is for regulatory purposes or just for internal use, select the criteria of your choice to customize your report and download it with a simple click. Include easy-to-read charts to better illustrate and categorize data and keep track of changes.