KYD 34

The Ultimate Digital KYD Solution

An out of the box Onboarding and KYD solution

for seamless reliable relationships with your



Improved Security & Risk

Build-In Questionnaires

Fully Integrated

Regulatory Compliant

Unforgeable database by encrypting all data and documents using BlockChain capabilities for audit trail and secure data exchange.

Benefit from best practice regulatory compliant questionnaires to obtain all necessary information on your distributors while eliminating risks of fines.

Connected to external databases like corporate registries and market authorities, as well as CRMs, our solution allows you to automate onboarding and reduce time while increasing your process efficiency.

A Dynamic Compliance Rules Engine that ensures rapid adaptability and accuracy with constantly changing regulations.

How it works

Client Onboarding and KYD

Expedite customer on-boarding procedure by easily acquiring information during the account opening process with smart forms. The full client lifecycle - on-boarding, KYC and annual reviews - are streamlined through an automated process.


Accelerate business operations with automatic data capture from Corporate Registries and Market Authorities, as well as Screening Providers. Eliminate duplicate keying of client data and disconnections between Sales and Compliance with CRM integration.

Ownership Structure

Cut through the complexity of company structures with the interactive ownership tree. Directly

access and create corporate registries globally with the click of the mouse to identify beneficial owners and board members.

Documentation & Data Management

Eliminate complexity and stay compliant with GDPR by capturing and storing encrypted client data. Find what you need when you need it with an embedded search engine that's lightning fast.


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