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We provide a complete suite of products for regulatory compliance

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Our Solutions

KYC 34

KYC 34

Onboarding and Know Your Customer

Digital Onboarding and KYC solutions for asset and wealth managers allowing you to streamline the entire KYC process.

KYD 34

Know your Distributor Solution

The solution for reliable relationships

with your distributors.Increase efficiency

and accuracy by gaining direct access to

your distributor through corporate registries

and authorities, and industry best

standard questionnaires.

KYD 34

DMS 34

DMS 34

Data Management System

Allows you to manage an unlimited number of encrypted files that are accessible from anywhere, keep them in categories you define, while simultaneously improving their circulation.

iKYC 34

KYC for Life Insurance Companies

iKYC is a digitalized and secure platform, offering a streamlined smart forms solution for client onboarding and KYC. Specifically designed for life insurers and their customer base.

iKYC 34



Know your Assets

An Onboarding and KYC solution for Private Equities to perform their due dililigence on their assets.

PYD 34

The Platform for Your Distributors

A Dedicated portal to allow your Distributors to collect and share end-investor data.

PYD 34




Focus on Client Relationship

Seamless customer experience with a fully digital and secure interface that facilitates and speeds up data collection & analysis.


Regulatory Compliant

A Dynamic Compliance Rules Engine that ensures rapid adaptability and accuracy with constantly changing regulations should you be a Wealth Manager or a Cryptomarket actor.


Improved Security and Risk 

Unforgeable database by encrypting all data and documents using BlockChain capabilities for audit trail and secure data exchange.


Scalable and flexible

Our Machine Learning bots are programmed to perform repetitive tasks using structured and unstructured data to improve false positive resolution and automate decision making process. In addition, our AI based rule engine is constantly trained to understand ever evolving regulatory changes and adapt to the most up-to-date policies.



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